Monday, 28 March 2016

Types Of Fun

I often talk about "types" of fun. Here is my guideline.
  • Fun will vary between these levels during your adventure.
  • They are not discrete levels, its a full spectrum from a walk in the park at one end to potentially serious injury at the other
  • The longer it was since the adventure, the more fun it will seem.

I present, the Scale Of Fun! (TM)

Type 1 Fun: Fun at the time, fun in the pub afterwards.

Type 2 Fun: Not fun at the time but fun on reflection in the pub afterwards. Pushing your comfort zone.

Type 3 Fun: Not fun during the event and not fun in the pub afterwards. More of a learning experience!

Type 4 Fun: You are having a very bad day. Rarely achieved as it will probably involve a serious incident.

Type 1  is the ideal, but some of the most memorable experiences I've had have involved not insignificant amounts of type 2.

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