Thursday, 10 March 2016

DJ Steve Davis? Hell yeah!

I had to check the calendar when I read this article in The Guardian about legendary snooker player and all round gent Steve Davis doing DJing at the Bloc Festival. It's not April 1st is it? DJ Steve Davis?

For it is he. Gent!

I was surprised to find out he was into prog rock, Canterbury and Magma. He has his own radio show on an Essex community radio station, Phoenix FM, where he and his co-presenter Kavus Torabi, a very interesting sounding musician, present The Interesting Alternative Show.

Being a big fan of Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on 6 music I thought I'd have a listen to an episode of theirs.


What a fab playlist! Prog, jazz, psych, French... stuff... wow (again). 20 minute epics and a threat to play Dopesmoker in its entirety on a 2 hour DJ set so you've only got 1 hour to worry about what to play = genius :)

Steve and Kavus have got a great interplay; there's an interesting article on the Independent website about how the two of them met.

This is definitely going down on my regular listening list along with the Freak Zone and Mike Harding's Folk Show. Ignore the fact that the studio is a tiny bit echo-y and the production isn't as polished as a BBC show because the music is fabulous and the commentary is insightful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, amusing and - above all - interesting. I've picked up several new bands to listen to just from the first episode.

If you like the alternative, the challenging, the weird and wonderful then go listen!

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