Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pedalling to the Polls.

I rode Herman ze German up the short hill to the polling station. It wasn't very busy as it was still early and the ladies inside were very cheerful.

"The only wasted vote is one that you don't believe in." This quote has been rolling around my head for a while. So instead of "voting tactically" I followed my beliefs for the party that most represents my beliefs and voted Green. Best of luck to Ros.

The climb up the hill was worth it for the super fast bumpy descent through the golf club to the canal followed by a "yeah!" to disturb the ducks. The new bell on the bike is great, got a really clear, long DINGGGggggggggg and doesn't ding itself on the rough stuff.

Fussed the sheepdog at the farm too for bonus points. A good start to the day.

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