Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Flapjack breakfast at the trig point

Cycling seems to dominate my transport to and from work, mostly because it is a quick and easy, no brainer option, especially along the canal. However, following a resolution to get more running in and try not to lose too much post-Fellsman fitness I elected to have a morning run to work up over Rombalds Moor.

View from West Buckstones

I stopped at the Addingham High Moor trig point to enjoy the sun and eat my breakfast "adventure bar" (what flapjacks are called in our house). Not a soul around, just a grouse eyeing me suspiciously from behind some marsh grass. Plenty of wildlife in evidence today: pheasant, grouse, lapwing, curlew and oyster catcher were all spotted along with a couple of rabbits and a hare.

A nice spot for breakfast

Following the ridge line west I dropped down past a war memorial to a crashed deHavilland Mosquito crew with some faded poppies at its base to the top of Nab End to be rewarded with a cracking view over Silsden and the top of the Aire valley.

View from Nab End over Silsden

Down the road through Brunthwaite and onto the canal for the last blast into Silsden, pausing to chat to a very sprightly older lady taking her friendly dog for a walk. These friendly fellas were waiting for me in the field next to Brunthwaite beck, obviously used to humans as they wandered up to me allowing me to scratch them behind the ears.


A lovely cool morning for a trot and well worth the 0630 alarm call. 9 miles in all. If I can do this once a week then I'll feel like I'm keeping on top of the running a bit more. Plus all those extra calories will need replacing :)*dusting pasty crumbs off the keyboard*

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