Sunday, 22 March 2015

Haglofs Gram 7/15/25 Bottle Holder Modifications

Haglofs make very nice rucksacks; I use a Gram 15 and a Gram 25 for running and walking. Pockets in all the right places (for jelly babies!) and shoulder attachment points for pouches (for more jelly babies!) and bottle holders.

The problem with the bottle holder is that the single strap that stops the bottle falling out of the bottom can move around to the point where, yes, the bottle falls out of the bottom. This invariably leads to one kicking the bottle inadvertently into a muddy puddle.

So a bit of work with some old strap and a needle and thread results in an expertly sewn modification. The second grey strap prevents the original grey strap from moving, resulting in a bottle that stays where it is meant to be. Happy days :)

Update: This modification was used on the 61 mile Fellsman and it performed brilliantly.

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