Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fellsman Training 1 (and Recce)

I had a long walk/run last weekend to recce the last part of The Fellsman from Buckden Pike to the Finish. Since this is a bit I'm likely going to be tackling in the dark I thought it well worth a look.

Wanting to get a bit of climbing in my legs I headed out from Kettlewell up Old Cote Moor Top at a good pace all the way to the trig point before trotting down the bridleway into Buckden.

I felt like I had plenty in the legs going up and I was on the top before I knew it on the longest climb of the day. Not following the same route as the Fellsman as I was using public footpaths.

Along the ridge of Buckden Pike, into the teeth of the freezing wind, running to keep warm instead of putting my windproof top on. Past the war memorial and down through the hags, right through the wall then left at the first cairn towards Top Mere then contouring around to Park Rash.

A short blast up Great Whernside and then the loooong descent along the fence over all kinds of terrain. Some of the peat hag around near the end of the fence can be bypassed by heading SW from the point at which the fence turns SE and then using the walls to funnel you into the corner of the field and towards Capplestone Gate.

From Capplestone Gate, head SE along the wall until the broken wall is reached. Turn S and handrail the wall through the stout metal gate and to the next broken wall. The path south is faint. When presented with a choice of two gates, the one that takes the tracked lane on the left is correct. Then its track and walled track all the way to Yarnbury and victory.

Back along the Dales Way from Grassington to Kettlewell.

28 miles in all. Lovely

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