Friday, 6 February 2015

Tales from the morning commute # 2

Large bright moon, pink sky and -3°C along the canal this morning with the ducks forced into using the one clear channel of water through the ice, probably icebreaker-ed by a swan. Two deer, startled by the approach of an odd looking blue thing with lights on run off up the hill on the other side of the canal. A disgruntled heron forced off his towpath perch skims the canal surface, quite pterodactyl like. An oddly abandoned cheap bicycle leant against a hedge, rust spots on the chrome steel handlebar, no owner in sight. The sheepdog at the farm coming charging out of the barn for a fuss and to make sure I don't steal any sheep (don't worry, they won't fit in my rucksack).

Besides, judging by the below photo, I think the sheep is frozen in place...

I've defrosted my mustache with a cup of tea, normal service resumed.

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