Tuesday, 25 November 2014

No Bedlam. What About Insanity?

Unfortunately this year I'm missing out on the Bedlamite night race series because I've started taking my daughter to the KCAC juniors. She loves it as she gets to run round in circles with her friends and generally wear herself out. Patrick the coach is a good lad and they always seem to be having lots of fun.

I saw some mention of the "Insanity in East Morton" exercise class pop up on Facebook after some friends from running signed up. L used to do Boot Camp after work but the classes were cancelled due to lack of interest. So I thought this would fill the gap for her and give me some much needed core muscle workout and cross training. Plus we can do it together and it's just round the corner from JP Towers.

This is the first time I've been to an organised fitness class and I wasn't sure what to expect. All I had to go on were the usual stereotypes of loud music and people shouting at me telling me what to do. Thankfully it the music wasn't that load and both Clare and Sarah didn't shout too much.

The workout format seems to be a warm up, three blocks of three rounds of different exercises (making nine blocks in all) and then a cool down / stretch. Sounds easy eh?

I have never sweated as much doing a workout. Comedic amounts of perspiration overloaded my technical T-shirt leaving the floor slippery after I laid down during one routine. Some of the routines were easier than I thought (running and cycling muscles obviously helped here) but some were really really difficult and I couldn't do the full minute.

The instructors said to aim for 90% effort. My core muscles, well, I feel like I've certainly given it that and I'm still enjoying the endorphins as I write.

Same time next week? Assuming my muscles have recovered by then!

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