Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fellow Cyclists Of The Aire Valley...

...or "observations on fellow cycling commuters what I sometimes see when I'm on me bike and that"

A recent survey said that over 40% of cyclists use the bike for commuting. These are some of the ones that I see...

"Brompton Man"
Not in fact the missing link between homo erectus and homo sapiens but a chap on a small wheeled bicycle (probably not even a Brommie) with a large neon bag on the front rack. Not a nodder but always well lit.

Karl W
Colleague and mountain biking partner who lives further down the valley. Travels in later than me so never actually seen on the commute.

"Chap who Looks Like Andy M"
The most often spotted. Red jacket, road bike, rucksack. Looks very much like climbing acquaintance Andy Makison but it isn't him. I think. If it is you Andy, hello! Always a friendly greeting.

Bob W
An ex colleague, talented outdoorsman/cyclist/climber and all round nice chap. Mostly seen in his Skipton CC jersey. Always a nod hello and a greeting. He has a blog that is always interesting.

"Other Skipton CC Man"
Seen once or twice, easily confused with a Bob. Hellos.

Patrick McSinglespeed
Not often spotted as we both tend to be cycling in the same direction. First noticed a while back before I found him using Strava's Flyby stalking tool. Rides a blue singlespeed and has a Rapha jacket. Obviously into the whole cycling thing. Managed a couple of hellos.

"The Canal Accountant"
Gets on the canal by the golf club in Utley and rides to Silsden. Chatted to him but have forgotten his name. He rode into a hedge on our first meeting. Inauspicious start.

"Mrs Squeaky Bottom Bracket (and/or) Pedal"
Seen a couple of times near home. Friendly hellos. Bike in need of an oil or tighten as it does creak loudly with every pedal rotation.

"Happy Chap"
Well lit chap with a bike that looks suspiciously like it has a basket on the front. Always a big smile (grimace?) but no return nods.

Mark G
Another colleague and mountain biking partner who lives just down the road, mostly seen from behind as he powers off into the distance. All round nice chap.

"Hi Vis Man"
Rides a generic mountain bike, massive hi vis jacket and black beanie hat (no helmet). Not a nodder.

"Mr Double Back Roller"
Road bike with two Ortleib Back Roller pannier bags (to my single). Generally a hello as he is being overtaken.

"That's Odd, She Looked Just Like Lorna From Running Club But I Thought She Lived In Cononley So It Can't Be Her And My Shaky Facial Recognition Doesn't Work When Out Of Context Anyway I've Only Seen Her Mostly On Night Fell Runs"
Actually was Lorna from running club. Sorry I didn't realise!

P.S. After writing this post, everyone I've seen has been suspiciously freindly...

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