Saturday, 31 December 2016

In with the old and out with the new... er... wait....


Lost fitness but got married and had a great honeymoon. Overall an excellent year.
New career challenges await!

2016 positives (vaguely chronological)

Lots of winter climbing, fantastic ice and good times
Good run out at the Marmot Dark Mountains with Emma
Fun mini bike packing trip with friends
Got married! Upgraded Louise to Mrs. Pawson, I now have a lovely wife :)
Mini-moon in the Lakes with some walking and biking
Had a great honeymoon in Japan (rest of trip report to follow)

2016 negatives

General global politics, stuff that I can't change or do owt about so I'm going to ignore it and live in my happy bubble
Fitness has suffered due to longer hours at t'werk

2016 Goals Check

From earlier this year

Get married
See friends more
Winter mountaineering
Dales MTB

Not done
General mileage targets
100 mile bike ride
Hardmoors 26.2
Unspecified long distance walk
OMM / Saunders / LAMM

Running and long distance stuff has suffered this year with a variety of time consuming factors. The challenge for 2017 is going to be finding time to get better on my feet and recover some fitness.

Goals for 2017

  • Marmot Dark Mountains again hopefully, I just want to finish not last!
  • Have fun in the Cairngorms this Feb
  • Running. I miss running. More running please. Aim for one off road marathon distance race this year.
  • Make the time for a longer cycle tour
  • Keep up with friends - seeing so many people at our wedding made us realise how many fabulous people we know and how little we see them!

Biggest of all for me, there is going to be a significant career change this year. I can't say too much about it at this stage as things are still gestalt but watch this space!

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