Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bicycle Race

Took a ride up to Skipton with Munny, Lukas and Robin to watch the Skipton Bike Race Criterium. A steady ride up through Cononley following the usual, slightly hillier but much less frantic route to Skipton with a couple of diversions I wasn't familiar with. This was my 1000th ride that I've logged on Strava!

We acquired fish and chips (essential), and wandered around the course, picking up Mark from work and watching the juniors hammer it around the bumpy corner next to the fish shop. We eventually settled down just outside the Beer Engine with a nice pint of dark ale to watch the senior race, with Emma joining us in time for the start. Very civilised.

The elite men were seriously fast and spat quite a few people off the back end of the group. The guy in the white kit in this photo was the eventual winner. He seemed to bridge the gap between the peloton and the breakaway group and hang in there for the win.

Skipton Crit 2016 winner mid pack
Standing on the inside of the fast corner was quite an experience, it was hard not to flinch as they came past, leaning over so that their heads were passing within a foot or so of the metal barrier. This video gives you some idea!

I cycled home with Emma, and managed to pick up another puncture on the rear wheel about a mile from home. Must have a bit of something still in the tyre from the last one. I walked it home as it was easier than faffing around changing it at the roadside. On the mountain bike today!

It was nice to see Munny and Lukas again, our paths don't cross as often as I'd like. Good to meet the famous Robin, I see his rides on Strava a lot and to chat with Mark from work for a bit. It's always good to catch up with Emma too and to hear about her family holiday in Portugal. A cool evening with cool people.

Lets end the blog on a musical note :)

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