Sunday, 3 January 2016

That were t' year that was.

At the end of 2014 I set myself a few goals for 2015. Goals are good, I work better with them. Otherwise I have a tendency to just potter around and not push myself. How did I get on?

Main goal: Ask Louise to marry me. Thankfully she said yes. The ring was of my own design and making.

Sub 24 hour Fellsman - 22 hours including some atrocious weather, sausage rolls and hypothermia

Adventure racing - after the first two in the Open 5 series I didn't manage to take part in any more due to other trips and kids weekends. However I did the first one in the new series and met my top 15 goal; a good start. The way my weekends are looking I think I'll only get chance to do one or two more this year.

Winter mountaineering - we had a great trip up to Fort William with friends from the climbing club. The weather wasn't great and with several new winter climbers amongst us we went for realistic targets rather than pushing any grades. Psyche was high! Also managed a cheeky Lakes trip with Ben to Brown Cove Crags.

2 x grade I (both descents)
6 x grade II

2500 miles of cycling - ticked over the magic number on the last proper ride of the year.

500 miles of running - a bit short this year, lost a bit of motivation over the summer. Must try harder next year :)

Mountain marathon - So which one for my first MM? Rab? Saunders? OMM? Er... neither. Emma and I went cold and dark instead. We "enjoyed" it so much (translation: we've forgotten how hard it was) that we are going to enter this year's Dark Mountains again.

More blogging - the internet has been diluted by my regular ramblings.

Camping with the kids - We managed one good camping trip to Borrowdale. It rained a lot. Everyone loved it.

Wainwrights - Ben and Suzy did their first three Wainwrights and had both fun and wet feet. I'm up to 16% complete after only ticking a measly 4 tops this year.

Ukulele - a break over summer but I can still play OK. More regular practice required!

Not bad overall, especially with the cycling. Given that I'm busy having fun with my kids every other weekend meaning my free time is limited. Now, what to aim for this year?

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