Monday, 22 June 2015

Hockney Exhibition at Salts Mill

Suzanna has been learning about David Hockney at school so, being at a loose end on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, we went down to Salts Mill to look at the galleries. There was plenty of excitement every time we spotted a painting that she had seen at school like The Big Splash.

I wasn't that aware of Hockney's work and wandering round the 1853 Gallery I didn't see much that I really liked. A lot of his paintings seem too simplistic or childish for my taste. However, I did enjoy the exhibition on the third floor called The Arrival Of Spring consisting of a series of images created on his iPad, every day, on a lane through Woldgate Woods in East Yorkshire.

Inspecting all the paintings

On the face of it they are very colourful and well executed paintings from a distance.

A closer look reveals the smaller marks and effects that the app he has used has created

The overall effect is very impressive, especially considering the medium that he has used, even when you consider he's used a stylus for some more precise drawing.

Anyway the exhibition is well worth a look as is the rest of Salts Mill. The history of Salts Mill is interesting, the shops are nice to potter round (always loads of good books for sale) and the cake is good in the cafe too.

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